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In May of 1917, the Rest Room was located in the McDougall Building on Queen Street. Not long after that, it was in the Young Block…

How did the story of the library become intertwined with the history of the Rest Room?

On June 2, 1917, a board of six ladies, two representatives from each of: Mount Hope Homemakers Club, Wreford Homemakers Club, and Bannockburn I.O.D.E., met in the Rest Room, (with Mrs. Stoltz in the chair & Mrs. Jamieson, Sec. pro tem), and after some discussion drew up a draft of Agreement for managing said Room.

On the motion of Mesdames Hummel & Kidd it was decided to submit this draft to a lawyer to put in legal form. (Note: This was done and three copies of said agreement are now prepared by Mr. Braithwaite and ready for presenting to our several Clubs.)

The officers were then elected by ballot with the result that Mrs. Stoltz is Chairman and Mrs. Jamieson Secretary-Treasurer of Board for ensuing year.

It was then moved by Mrs. Jamieson seconded by Mrs. Johnson that Mesdames Hummel and Brown interview Mr. McDougall re rent until July 1st. Carried. It was also moved and seconded that Mesdames Kidd and Stoltz interview Mt. Hope Council – Mesdames Hummel and Jamieson interview Wreford Council and Mesdames Brown and Johnson interview Town Council re – donations toward our Room.

It was decided to meet on June 9th to do some furnishing of room.

The Board met on June 9th, 1917 and bought covering for table and six chairs.

The Board next met on June 16th and bought rug and lamp and also arranged to send for books for the library.

Also submitted Constitution to Mr. Braithwaite and interviewed Mr. MacFarlane re grant from Town to Room. (Signature of Mgt. Jamieson.)




WHEREAS the members of Mount Hope Homemakers Club, Wreford Homemakers Club and Bannockburn I.O.D.E. Association consider it advisable to provide fitting and suitable rest rooms in the Town of Nokomis for the women of the surrounding district.

AND WHEREAS it is considered advisable, by the members of said Associations that the said rooms be under the control of a board of management representing the said several Associations.

NOW THEREFORE it is agreed that the said rooms shall be managed according to the following articles of agreement entered into by the said Associations.

1. that one or more rooms shall be secured in the Town of Nokomis, and be used as a rest room for the women of the surrounding district, under the control and management of the following clubs: Mount Hope Homemakers, Wreford Homemakers and Bannockburn I.O.D.E.

2. That a Library shall be provided for said rooms.

3. That the management of the said rooms be in the hands of a board of six women, two representatives from each of the three clubs.

… (and so on, for six more Articles, as well as three paragraphs listing Duties of Officers).

IN WITNESS WHEREOF the several associations herein referred to have caused these Articles to be signed by the Presidents of said Associations.

Mrs. Pearl Stoltz, President of Mount Hope Homemakers

Mrs. G. H. Hummel, President of Wreford Homemakers

Mrs. H. J. Steeves, President of Bannockburn I.O.D.E.

Rest Room Minutes: June 1, 1918: Motion by Mesdames Brown and Hummel that we ask Miss Adair to act as Secretary-Treasurer for Library for the year June 1918 to June 1919 and that she open a separate Bank account for Library funds. (Later in same minutes: That the Secretary ask Mr. Adair for lumber for bookcase as he has kindly offered to donate something to our room.

Sept. 12, 1918 Minutes: Motion of Mesdames Kidd and Brown that Miss Adair send the necessary cheque of $51.11 for all books submitted.

Mount Hope Homemakers’ Club: meeting at the home of our president, Mrs. Stoltz, for the llth Annual Meeting on March 24th, 1927: the president stated if there were any special line of reading any one would like to see in the library, please make your wishes known to the R. R. board. Mesdames Stoltz, Priess, Cogger and N. Morris were chosen as a committee and given all power to prepare the programme for the celebration of the 10th Anniversary of the establishment of the N. Rest Room.

The Homemakers’ clubs and the Rest Room Board minutes tell a story of dedication by the women of the district, in their efforts to keep the library active, against severe financial odds.

In November, 1936, Mrs. J. Edwards, reporting for the Rest Room Committee, to the Mount Hope Homemakers, told of books being sold and a donation of eight books from T. Eaton Co. A note in 1937 indicates that the Rest Room was inoperative for a time.

Nov. 1938: Mrs. E. J. Edwards reports that the old rest room has been secured, repaired and opened with Mr. and Mrs. Humphrey in charge. The Town gave a grant of $75.00, Wreford Municipality $25.00 and more, we hope, to come. A book shower has been called for the week of Dec. 12 – 17th. Mrs. Stoltz moved a vote of thanks to Mrs. Edwards for her very special efforts with the Rest Room and Girls’ Vocational School.

September 3, 1939: Mrs. Edwards reported that the Rest Room Board had held their annual meeting, and bought the encyclopedia which was in the Rest Room, also had $24.64 on hand, after paying all winter’s expenses.

October, 1939: Mrs. Edwards reported on the Oct. 31 meeting of the Rest Room Board, when they decided to get new books as soon as possible. Fees for the library were: 30 cents for 3 months; 50 cents for 6 months, and 10 cents for a new card.

November 1931: New books exchange with Saskatoon. New books are paid for out of the money got from the Library Fees

March 1941: Mrs. Edwards reported damage done by fire, but covered by insurance. $6.00 worth of new books added to the library, and would like the members to suggest names for new books.

April 24, 1941: Mrs. E. J. Edwards reported the Rest Room had been repaired after being burned. June 19, 1941: 50 books added to library. September 24, 1941; Mrs. Humphrey Sr. reported $7.93 from the collection box and new books on order. October 30, 1941: Mrs. C. I. Wallace 7 new books.

January 1942: Mrs. E. J. Edwards reported 75 new books placed in library. February 1942: She reported a list of new books to be printed in The Times. March 1942: Library has 31 subscribers – income of $47.00, and 507 books.

In the years 1938 to 1943, Mrs. Henrietta Humphrey was matron of the Rest Room. In November of 1943, Miss Minnie Hendry served in that capacity, until Miss Olivea Coleman took over the duties.

During the fall of 1945, a house from the Rowandville district was purchased for $500.00 by the Mount Hope Homemakers. Mr. E. J. Edwards and Mr. Geo. Parker were the overseers during the moving of the building and pouring concrete for the foundation. They had 12 volunteer helpers per day. Meals were served by the Homemakers. This building on 2nd Avenue, east of Main Street, was the home of the Library until new space was available in the Administration building in 1975.

Wreford Homemakers’ minutes show Town of Nokomis, and municipal support: March 1958: Mrs. T. Shields received $100.00 grant from Town. January 1959: received grants of $20.00 and $25.00 from Mount Hope and Wreford Municipalities. Even with this help, library funds were collected piecemeal: December 9, 1959: Library tea successful, donation from town council, thanked club (Wreford Homemakers?) for their donation. Support form the club still needed: November 1959: Library committee requested $25.00 from club for expenses such as file cards, and book pockets.

The women were volunteering their time to take charge of the library: April 1959: Library – Mrs. Klass in charge for three months. Girl Guides helped too: Joyce Aschim’s work in library will go towards her Golden Cord. September 9, 1959: Ev. Felske in charge of help for next quarter.

In January, 1959, the Wreford Homemakers were helping in a “Better Reading Program”; representatives of Wreford Club are Alice McDougall and Doris Braithwaite. February, 1960: Doris had received information from Mrs. Rutherford re Better Reading Project. Mrs. Rutherford is coming to Nokomis in the near future to meet with Alice and Doris to decide on date of Quiz, books to read, etc. She mentioned that if books were purchased through the Nokomis Community Library, we could get a 33 1/3% discount.

The Homemakers’ Clubs worked to maintain and improve library offerings in Nokomis. The following is a resume of library service as given by Mrs. Evelyn Felske, for many years on the Library Committee for Wreford Homemakers, and later, chairman of the Nokomis Library Board:

“For over thirty years the two local Homemakers’ Clubs maintained a library in the Rest Room. In 1955, following a petition under the Library Act, the Nokomis Community Library was established and administered by a board with representatives from the two Homemaker’s Clubs. Gradually the board extended this representation to other clubs and personnel in the community. The Library continued to be housed in the Rest Room.

Maintenance funds were by 1) Subscription; 2) Government Grant, under Section 65 of the Library Act. Grants ranged from $100.00 to $150.00; 3) Grants from Town; 4) Small donations from local clubs; 5) Board members were responsible for lending of books.

In May, 1961, the board was informed of a Provincial Budget cut affecting community libraries, with the conviction that community libraries would aspire to Public Library status.”

Nokomis Community Library minutes: November 14, 1963: Mrs. R. Felske was President, with other board members: Mrs. T. Klassen, J. Humphrey, Mrs. J. Humphrey, and Mrs. E. Stichbury, Librarian. It was moved that the Nokomis Community Library be dissolved, and that assets be transferred to the New Nokomis Public Library. Nokomis Public Library Board members included: Mrs. R. Felske, president, Mrs. J. Humphrey, vice-president, with Mrs. Ellen Stichbury as secretary-treasurer, and Mrs. T. Klassen, assistant. A budget of $175.00 for the period January to March of 1964 was presented to Nokomis Town Council.

The Nokomis Public Library Board, appointed by Town Council was in 1964: Mrs. R. Felske, chairman, Mayor J. H. Marvin and Mr. W. A. Manson, councillors, Mrs. J. Humphrey, Mr. J. Humphrey, Chamber of Commerce, Mrs. T. Klassen, and Mrs. E. Korella. The February 20, 1964 meeting of this board, prepared a budget of $650.00 to submit to Town Council, for the year April 1, 1964 to March 31, 1965.

November 29, 1965 meeting of this board submitted to Council, a budget of $800.00 for the year 1966. At this meeting there was also a discussion of Regional Libraries in Saskatchewan.

A minute of the Nokomis Public Library from the June 27, 1966 meeting, noted that Miss Mary Donaldson, Provincial Librarian had written to say that she hoped the library could be moved to some place other than the Ladies Rest Room. There followed a motion that the Library Board write to Town Council asking that consideration be given to the library by making space available in the new hall.

From a meeting in Watrous on the Regional Library, Mrs. Willa Woods reported that Watrous was joining the Wheatland Regional Library; that the east boundary of the Wheatland Region is between Mount Hope and Wreford Municipalities; that books may be borrowed from or returned to any Regional Library, once the district has joined; and that the cost to Town Council would be 75 cents per capita, and the Town would provide the building and employ a librarian.

A representative of the Wheatland Regional Library met Town Council at its October, 1968 meeting, and Mayor J. H. Marvin reported to the Nokomis Library Board at its December meeting of that year, that the library would be absorbed into the Wheatland Library, as of January 1, 1969. Miss Holliday, the Librarian for Wheatland Region, had visited the Nokomis Library, and had said that 1000 books would be arriving some time after January 1, 1969.

As of December 31, 1968 there were 355 adult books, and 718 childrens’ books, for a total of 1573 books in the local library. 4,625 books were circulated among 155 town and 89 non-resident borrowers.

A minute from the February 17, 1969 meeting of the Nokomis Public Library noted that as of January 1, 1969, the Library should be known as the Nokomis Branch of the Wheatland Regional Library, and that Library operating expenses were to be shared by the Town of Nokomis and Wreford Municipality on a per capita basis.

From a Library Board minute of July 18, 1973: The Homemakers have given permission for the Rest Room sign to be taken down. This has been done. (This ended the direct association of the Homemakers with the library, a venture begun in 1917).

As a branch of the Wheatland Library system, our library in Nokomis is enjoying a more secure financial position than at any previous time. This is the second year of a three-year agreement, whereby the R. M. of Wreford, and the Town of Nokomis, pay into Wheatland $1.35 per capita. These two local municipalities will pay toward the Nokomis Library budget $1965.00, as well. The rest of the $3465.00 budget will be made up by a grant of $1500.00 from Wheatland.

Library materials circulated in 1968 were 4,625, while in 1978, 9,365 items were circulated. Some other advantages of our association with Wheatland are: workshops for librarians, board members, and Story Hour ladies. Welcome Inn, the senior citizens’ drop-in centre is kept stocked with paperbacks, some large-print books, as well as a tape player with tapes.

And we end as we began. The ladies of the community, and a few men, are doing much good volunteer work, as board members, or as Story Ladies. In 1978 there were 28 Story Hour afternoons, where some 20 little people enjoyed activities conducted by one or more of the many young ladies performing as Story Ladies. Appended to this work are lists (regrettably incomplete) of 1) matrons of the Rest Room; 2) Librarians; 3) Library board members; 4) Story Hour ladies.

This story has been written to mark ten years of membership in the Wheatland Regional Library system, and sixty-two years of library service in Nokomis. Several interested persons helped me to compile this short history. They helped either in conversation, or by making minute books available, and they include: Mrs. E. J. Edwards, and her daughter, Mrs. Phyllis Rennie, Mrs. Mary Harley, Mrs. Jean Abrahamson, Mrs. Phyllis Konschuh, Mrs. Mildred Kidd, Mrs. Ellen Stichbury, Mrs. Evelyn Felske, Mrs. Edna Swan, Mr. Jack Woods, Mr. G. E. Wallace, and Mrs. Irene Proseilo, Librarian, Nokomis Branch, Wheatland Regional Library.

James W. Hamilton
Chairman, Nokomis Library Board

Matrons of the Rest Room – Library

1917 –              Miss Mary Adair

Mrs. Millburn

Mrs. Susanna McKay

1938 – 1943 –    Mrs. Henrietta Humphrey

Nov. 1943 –       Miss Minnie Hendry

April 1944 –       Miss Olivea Coleman (Mrs. Chas. Swan)

1945 – Jul 1948 Mrs. Geo. Parker

1948 – 1952 –    Mrs. R. M. Carter

1952 –               Mrs. L. J. McNichol

1957 –               Mrs. Wm. Hendry

1958 –               Miss Eleanor Fritzler (Mrs. lan Riach)

1961 – 1962 –     Mrs. Pearl Alexander

Mrs. Rempel

1962 – 1968 –     Mrs. Ellen Stichbury

Librarians – Nokomis Branch, Wheatland Regional Library

1968 – 1973 –    Mrs. Ellen Stichbur

Student Assistants – Glenda Miller, Debbie Mutch, Audrey Felske

1974 –               Mrs. Doreen Marten

Student Assistant – Debbie Marten

July 1974 – May 1975 – Mrs. Lydia Dzurich and Mrs. Joyce Braun

June 1, 1975- 2005 –    Mrs. Irene Proseilo

2005 to present –         Mrs. Teresa Strachan

Those who have assisted the librarian recently include: Mrs. Lenora Penner, Mrs. Janet Hendry, and Mrs. Lorraine Warkentin.

Story Hour Ladies over the past two years (1977 – 78) include: Janice Edwards, Terry Unseth, Arlene Gerein, Dorothy Isherwood, Jane Campbell, Colleen McNichol, Debbie Edwards, Janice Richardson, Sylvia Simpson, Elsie Zarycki, Donna Edwards, Elaine Bartel, Karen Brace, Ollie Miller, Sylvia Turner, Joyce Braun, Hazel Pomfret, Lucy Meikle, Fran Edwards, Kim Ogle, Darlene Heidebrecht, Marie Ediger and Janet Hendry… and one man when he lived here – Rev. Ray Murrin.

During the years 1955 to 1963, the library was operated as a Community Library. In 1963 Board Members included: Mrs. Evelyn Felske, Chairman, Mrs. J. Humphrey, Vice-Chairman, Mrs. E. Stichbury, Secretary-Treasurer, and librarian, Mrs. Elma Klassen, and Mr. Jack Humphrey.

Nokomis Public Library Board members for the year 1964 included: Mrs. Evelyn Felske, President, Mrs. J. Humphrey, Vice President, with Mrs. Ellen Stichbury, librarian and Secretary-Treasurer, and Mrs. Elma Klassen, assistant.

Others who served on the Nokomis Public Library Board were: Mrs. J. H. Marvin, Mrs. Adina Korella, M. L. Potter, Mrs. Willa Woods, Chairman for a time; Mrs. H. A. Pirie, Mrs. Doreen Marten, Mrs. Marjorie Proseilo, Mrs. Freda Hendry, Chairman for a few years, Mrs. Wanda Brewer, Vice-Chairman for a while, Mrs. M. Ruedig, and Mrs. Phyllis Konschuh.

With the change-over to membership in the Wheatland Regional Library, Mr. Jack Woods was Chairman of the Library Board from 1969 until 1976. Other Board Members were: Mrs. Phyllis Rennie, Mr. Stan Hall, Mr. Ken Campbell, Mrs. Elaine Sather, Mrs. Wanda Brewer, and Mr. Jack Brewer, Mr. Lewis Simpson, Mrs. Gwen Borsheim, Mrs. B. Ruedig, Mrs. Lucy Bart, and Mrs. Harriett Neighbour.

Mrs. Phyllis Konschuh has served as a board member since 1970, and is Vice-Chairman of the present board, along with Mrs. Harriett Neighbour, J. W. Hamilton, Chairman; Mrs. Mildred Kidd, Mrs. Marjorie Keeler, Mrs. Mary Simpson, Mrs. Janice Richardson, Mr. Jack Brewer, and Mrs. Irene Proseilo, Secretary – Treasurer and Librarian.

February, 1979

The Board of the Nokomis Branch of the Wheatland Regional Library is grateful for the work done by the Central Staff in assembling this booklet and for helping in other ways toward our anniversary. The Board extends special thanks to Bruce Cameron, Donna Gardner, Debbie Lightbody, Carol Phillips and Cheryl Cassidy.

June 1992

Others who have served on the Nokomis Library Board since February, 1979 include: Ilene Harding, Brenda Asselstine, Isabel Nornberg, Sharon Isherwood, Lois Hruska, Marian Johnson, Judy Masur, Ross McNichol, Ruth Ann Richter, Doris Horbul, Kathy Metheral, Karen Braun, Theresa Lakness, Gail Wilda, Leita Greenfield, Diane Larson, Phyllis Harding, Wayne Harding.

Those who have helped in the library are: Dorothy Lemke, Marjorie Keeler, Harriet Neighbour, Shirley Harder, Hazel Pomfret, Shirley Emmons, Terry Unseth, Eileen Burgess, Sharon Isherwood, Ruth Anne Richter, Lucy Meikle.

Volunteer Story Tellers include: Rose Harley, Brenda Asselstine, Irene Proseilo, Shirley Emmons, Judy Harley, Debbie Edwards, Debbie Kaufman, Lois Hruska, Bonnie Decker, Kathy Metheral.

Those who have been hired as Story Tellers include: Rose Harley, Brenda Asselstine, Shelley Jordan.

Our 1985 Summer Program was led by : Rose Harley and Joan Masur

November, 2006

Others who have served on the Nokomis Library Board since June, 1992 include: Garry Jordan, Ann Cheetham, Ann Hobman, Doris Horbul, Edith Driediger, Betty Styles, Diane Henry, Rhonda Walker, Lois Mortenson, Dawn Scruten, Sandra Braun. Those who have helped in the library are: Lisa Hendry, Renae Hemingway, Vanessa Richter, Stephenie Hendry, Raylene Harley, Joan Wallman, Linda Beeler, Lawrence Beeler, Rita Bart.

Those who have been hired as Story Tellers include: Laura Friesen, Rose Harley, Joan Wallman, Betty Styles.


June 1, 1975 – May 31, 2005 – Mrs. Irene Proseilo

June 1, 2005 to the present – Mrs. Teresa Strachan

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