The Nokomis and District Museum is located on the corner of Queen Street and Third Avenue, and is open daily from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. from June 1st to Labour Day.

The heritage of Nokomis and District is recorded and preserved in the museum.

The CN Railway Station, formerly the Grand Trunk, was moved to its present site in 1977. The official opening was in 1980. In 1984, the North American Lumber Yard Company building next door was acquired and joined onto the railway station. It is now called Junction City 1907. The caboose was acquired in 1983 from the CNR, and was placed in front of the Museum.
Most of the artifacts in the Museum were donated by local people. The work done in the Museum is mainly volunteer labour.

 CN Railway Station

Walk into a home of the past when you come to the Nokomis museum. Rooms are filled with antiques that will bring back memories for many visitors. Others will wonder what the items on display were used for! The kitchen, parlour, dining room and bedrooms all contain a rich variety of items donated by people of the community. The articles on display were used by the pioneers who settled this area of the province to start their new life. Many of the artifacts were brought thousands of miles and are precious links to the past.

 The Reading Room

Contains a wealth of information:

family histories
scrapbooks and albums filled about the schools, businesses, and organizations
photo albums
magazines and books
maps indicating early homestead locations


Junction City 1907

Nokomis was originally lauded as the Junction City, the largest proposed urban area between Vancouver and Winnipeg. The town is located at the junction of the CN and CP railways and at the junction of Highways 15 and 20. The museum commemorates the boom days of a prairie town.

Junction City is a reproduction of a main street and the businesses found in the community in early days including a chapel, general store, school room, communications room, garage, smithy, Masonic Lodge, and Orange Lodge, and a Legion Room, plus more.

The museum also houses a hardware store, medical office, beauty shop, and a newspaper office. Over 9000 artifacts are preserved in the museum for visitors to appreciate.




The Wildlife Room

The wildlife room is a delight for children and adults where they can view the variety of animals and birds found in the local area known as Land of the Living Sky.

This room contains a collection of native artifacts including arrowheads and hammers.




Agricultural Displays

Machinery on display includes a steam tractor, threshing machine, Acme stook loader, binder, ploughs and wagons. Numerous tools and items used by the early settlers are on display. Some antique cars are preserved in the museum.




The Nokomis museum has visitors from across Canada and around the world stop during the summer months. Visitors are amazed by the collection of heritage items as well as by the size of the museum.

The museum has won the Preservation of Saskatchewan Heritage Award from the Land of the Living Sky Tourism Association and an award for Community Service – Heritage Preservation from the Last Touch Regional Recreation Association.

The people in the community are proud of their museum and invite you to visit, step into the past, and discover the “good old days” in their museum – one of the best museums to be found in a small town. Whether you are visiting family and friends in the area, or just passing through – a visit to the museum in Nokomis will be a memorable stop in your travels.

Museum Day is held on the 4th Monday in June each year. A soup, bread and pie lunch starts the celebration. Special presentations and displays are held at the museum and people can spend time revisiting the past as they tour the museum.

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