EMO Plan

Table of Contents

  • Cover Page
  • Table of Contents
  • Notices
  • Distribution List
  • Bylaw
  • Emergency Measure Contact List
  • Introduction
  • Aim
  • Hazard Analysis
  • Steps Required if Emergency Declared
  • Emergency Notification System
  • Town Map
  • Implementation of Emergency Plan
  • Emergency Operations Centre
  • Emergency Operations Centre Management Team’s
  • Declaration of Emergency
  • Emergency Powers
  • Organization & Control
  • Site Team
  • Termination of Declaration
  • Review
  • Resource List
  • Delegate Responsibilities


  • The Emergency Planning Act
  • Sample of Declaration of Local Emergency
  • Emergency Checklist * Mutual Aid Agreement
  • Cell Phone Directory
  • Watrous Detachment Vital Services Directory Contingency Plans
  • Aircraft Crash, Dangerous Goods Accident, Flood, Severe Weather, Structural Fire, utilities (Outages/shortages), etc.


Subject: Redistribution of Emergency Plans

  • Emergency Measures Plans are numbered to coincide with specific positions, departments or agencies and not individuals.
  • In light of the above when an individual relinquishes his position, the Emergency Plan must be passed on to his replacement.

Subject: General Interpretation in the Municipal Emergency Plan

  1. Whenever the masculine gender is used it is to be interpreted as female as well.


Emergency Plans are numbered to coincide with specific positions, departments or agencies and not individuals.
On light of the above when an individual relinquishes his position, the Emergency Plan must be passed on to his replacement.

  1. Emergency Coordinator
  2. Mayor and Reeve
  3. Elected Official
  4. Administrator/Municipal Office Emergency Operations Centre Copies (to be retained in the EOC)
  5. Telecommunications Manager
  6. Emergency Social Services Manager
  7. Transportation Manager
  8. Resources Manager
  9. Public Information/Media Relations Manager
  10. Human Resources / Volunteers Manager
  11. Police
  12. Fire
  13. Nokomis Health Centre Representative
  14. Animal Management
  15. Head Office Saskatchewan Public Safety & Sask 911
  16. Emergency Management Advisor

Bylaw 2005-01


Where The Emergency Planning Act 1989, pursuant to Section 9 provides that the local authority of each municipality shall appoint a committee of members of the local authority area, to advise on the development of the committee members;

AND SHALL establish and maintain a municipal emergency measures organization;

AND SHALL appoint a coordinator of the municipal agency and prescribe his or her duties which shall include the preparation and coordination of emergency plans and programs for the municipality;

AND SHALL prepare and approve emergency plans and programs;

AND MAY enter into agreements with and make payments to organizations for the provision of services in the development or implementation of emergency plans or programs;

NOW THEREFORE the Council of the Town of Nokomis enacts as follows:

1. In this bylaw;  a.  “Emergency” means:
i) a calamity caused by accident, by an act of war or insurrection or by forces of nature; or

                 ii)a present or imminent occurrence that has resulted or may result in serious harm to the safety or welfare of people or
widespread damage to property.

2. The term “Coordinator” shall mean the person appointed by the Council of The Town of Nokomis to organize Emergency Measures in the Town of Nokomis.

3. The Emergency Measures Organization of the Town of Nokomis shall be comprised of the Emergency Measures Planning Committee, municipal departments and voluntary organizations within the municipality.

4. Subject to Section 5 of this bylaw and subject to any directions of Town Council, the Emergency Measures Control Group is hereby designated and appointed to be a special committee of the Town Council pursuant to Sec. 50(1) of The Urban Municipality Act, 1984 and shall be responsible for the carrying out of any emergency measures or emergency activities or works in furtherance of  The Emergency Planning Act, 1989 or this bylaw and to that end, shall have and is hereby granted and delegated to it the duties and powers of the Town Council except the power to borrow money, to pass a bylaw or enter into any contracts. Provided, however, such delegation of the duties and powers of the Town Council is expressly limited to only the powers of Town Council necessary to carry out its rights, responsibilities, or duties under The Emergency Planning Act, 1989.

5. The Coordinator shall have the following duties and responsibilities:

         a. acts as Chairman of the Emergency Measures Planning Committee established under this bylaw;

         b. stimulates and coordinates the development of an emergency plan for the community in co-operation with the departments
and agencies of the   municipality;

         c. provides emergency plans from guidelines laid down by the Emergency Measures Control Group;

         d. submits regular reports to the Emergency Measures Control Group to keep them fully informed of progress;

         e. correlates all activities of those persons and/or organizations involved within the Town of Nokomis and designated for
Emergency Measures Organizations.

         f. ensures that a continuous program of training for local Emergency Measures organization personnel is carried out, either by
local training classes or attendance at provincial or federal training schools;

         g. co-operates with the Mutual Aid Area and Sask EMO on all-    matters pertaining to planning operations;

         h. submits a projected budget to cover costs of emergency measures operations within the municipality;

         i. acts as advisor to the Town of Nokomis during emergencies or disasters.

6. There shall be an Emergency Measures Planning Committee comprised of the Emergency Measures Coordinator, the Town Administrator, the Public Information Officer, the Director of Emergency Social Services, the Chief of Police, the Fire Chief, the Director of Public Works and Utilities, the Director of Transportation and such other persons when required, that may be deemed necessary to formulate a municipal emergency plan.

7. The Emergency Measures Planning Committee as a whole, under the coordination of the Chairman will integrate the municipal and voluntary emergency services emergency plans into one comprehensive plan.

8. Each municipal department or voluntary organizations of the municipality shall be responsible to develop and execute the emergency plan of the service he or she represents, train municipal employees and volunteers and make a comprehensive study of existing resources.

9. The Council may, from time to time, appropriate and expend monies required to meet the ordinary operating expenses of the said organization.

10. The Council may co-operate with Councils of other municipalities for the purpose of jointly establishing and operating an Emergency Measures Organization upon appropriate agreement with the Province of Saskatchewan as provided for in Section 12 of this bylaw.

11. The Town of Nokomis may enter into agreement with the Province of Saskatchewan or any other governmental agency as authorized by the provisions of The Emergency Planning Act, 1989 or regulations thereunder.

12. The EMO Coordinator of the Town of Nokomis shall be the Chairman of the Emergency Measures Planning Committee.  A declaration of an emergency may be declared by a single member of council when in the opinion of this member an emergency exists and a sufficient number of members of council are not present to declare.  Upon such declaration being made, the Emergency Measures Organization shall exercise all powers conferred upon them by The Emergency Planning Act, 1989 of the Province of Saskatchewan.

13. On the making of the declaration and for the duration of the local emergency, the Mayor, or in his absence, the Deputy Mayor, may do all acts and take all necessary proceedings including the following:

         a. put into operation an emergency plan or program

         b. authorize or require a local authority to put into effect an emergency plan or program for the Town of Nokomis.

         c. acquire or utilize any real or personal property considered necessary to prevent, combat or alleviate the effects of an
emergency or disaster;

         d. authorize or require any qualified person to render aid of a type he is qualified to provide;

         e. control or prohibit travel to or from an area of the Town of Nokomis;

         f. provide for the restoration of essential facilities and the distribution of essential supplies and provide, maintain and
coordinate emergency medical, welfare and other essential services in any part of the Town of Nokomis;

         g. cause the evacuation of persons and the removal of livestock and personal property from any area of Nokomis that is or may
be affected by an emergency and make arrangements for the adequate care and protection of those persons or livestock and
of the personal property;

         h. authorize the entry into any building or onto any land, without warrant, by any person in the course of implementing an
emergency plan or program;

          i. cause the demolition or removal of any trees, structures or crops if the demolition or removal is necessary or appropriate in
order to reach the scene of an emergency plan or program;

          j. authorize the recruitment of persons needed to meet an emergency.

14. In the absence of the Mayor or Deputy Mayor, a majority of the members of the Town Council are hereby authorized to declare a local emergency in the Town of Nokomis.

15. This bylaw shall come into force and take effect on the day of the final passing thereof.

16. Bylaw No. 2/87 is hereby repealed.

1. Introduction 

This plan is to provide direction for a response to an emergency affecting the Town of Nokomis.  It is important that the Mayor, Reeve, Council Members and those persons who will be responding to an emergency know the contents of this plan.

The elected officials will direct and control emergency operations at all times through the implementation of this plan.

This plan may be implemented in whole or in part, with or without a Declaration of a Local Emergency.  Use of the Emergency  Powers found in Section 10 of this plan, requires a Local Emergency to be declared.

In the event that a Local Emergency is to be declared see Section 9.

2. Aim

The Town of Nokomis Emergency Plan will be implemented to prevent or limit:

* The loss of life;

* Harm or damage to the safety, health or welfare of people; or

* Damage to property or the environment

* Continue and/or restore essential services.

This emergency plan does not apply to those day-to-day situations, which are dealt with by the Fire Coop, Police or Emergency Medical Services.

An emergency, by its very nature, requires an immediate response from various agencies acting on behalf of the Town of Nokomis, a town, whose resources are exceeded in meeting the needs of evacuees, from another community, may declare a Local Emergency to acquire resources to meet those needs.

3. Hazard Analysis

The Town of Nokomis may experience the following emergencies(but not be limited to) the following emergencies based upon the following ratings.

A. The severity of the Accident from #1 least severe to #5 most severe/castastrophic.

B. The probability or likehood of it occurring with #1 being the  least probable to #5 being the most probable. When assessing probability one must take into account the number of times the event takes place per day, month, year and the number of accidents that happened in the last 15 to 20 years in the particular rated category. E.g the number of trips that dangerous goods are hauled through or past town. Probability increases with an increase in trips. The top speed of the vehicle(s) is also a major factor.

Note: Some of the catergories can be interrelated. E.g. the smoke from a rail disaster(or any fire) can potentially be extremely severe which may reqire an evacualtion of part or the entire town.

Rated Catergory                                              Rated Severity                           Rated Probability

Airplane Crash                                                           5                                                   1

Blizzard/Winter Power Failure                                   5                                                   2

Dangerous Goods – Storage                                     5                                                   3

Dangerous Goods – Transport                                   5                                                   4

Fire – Major Buildings                                                4                                                   3

Fire – Grass                                                              4                                                    3

Flood – Gradual                                                        3                                                    2

Health – Air Quality (Smoke)                                    4                                                     2

Health – Contaminated Food                                   4                                                     3

Health – Contaminated Water                                 3                                                     2

Health – Epidemic/Pandemic                                    3                                                     1

Lost Persons – Search & Rescue                             3                                                     1

Pipeline – Explosion/Leak                                        4                                                     2

Public Event Control (crowds, security, traffic)         1                                                     2

Structure Collapse/Construction Disaster                2                                                     3

Tornado/Severe Windstorm                                     4                                                     3

Transportation – Rail Disaster                                 5                                                     3

Transportation – Road/Bus Accident                       4                                                     2

Utility – Gas/Power Outage                                     4                                                     2

Water Shortage                                                      3                                                     3

*Based upon the number of Rail accidents in the past 5 years in Saskatchewan which appear to be increasing

Updated 24/10/2014

Top Rated Potential Events Fire  (Major Building)   Members of the Fire Department and the Emergency Measures Executive will attend the fire hall to be informed of disaster details.  Coordinate necessary actions based on need.  Log actions *  Fire  Members of the Fire Department and the Emergency Measures Executive will attend the fire hall to be informed of disaster details.  Coordinate necessary actions based on need.  Log actions * Tornado / Severe Windstorm * Flood * Rail Disaster


1.  Phone 9-1-1 (Ambulance, Fire, Police)

2.  The department required (Ambulance, Fire, Police) would assess situation and contact Mayor/Town Office about details of the disaster

3. Mayor or alternate to declare emergency

4. Three Council members be contacted to initiate process

5. The necessary streets be blocked off as requested

6. Alarm be sounded to alert individuals under Designation of Responsibilities to attend to fire hall

7. Notify residents by Alarm System/PA on Rescue Unit/Door to Door (Door to Door individuals go to their section and vacate residents) (Transportation individuals go to their section and assist door to door)

8. Individuals under the Designation of Responsibilities would go to fire hall (On white board, write their name, time arrived, and identify responsibility)

9. Individuals under Designation of Responsibilities that have not arrived to fire hall, continue to be contacted by EOC

5.  Emergency Notification System 

Upon the receipt of a warning of a real or potential emergency, that person will immediately contact one of the individuals listed under the Community Warning Section’s Emergency Notification.

It is the responsibility of the members of the Emergency Operations Centre Management Team to notify their staff and volunteer organizations.  The Emergency Operations Centre Management Team’s phone numbers are under the warning system.

Where a threat of an impending emergency exists, the Emergency Operations Centre Management Team will be notified and placed on alert.  The siren at the fire hall will be sounded to alert that an impending disaster has been declared.

All staff and volunteers MUST take care of their own families or have someone in place to make sure they are safe before they proceed to their designated assignments.

When a house has been cleared or evacuated a chair must be set out on the front step or lawn so that the Emergency teams know that it is clear.

The Emergency Coordinator or designate may open the Emergency Operation Centre in order to coordinate the response to the emergency and/or to coordinate public information.

Notification System  

Section 1        Adam Hendry  528-4311 or 2044 (w)

Section 2        Mel Strachan  528-2060 or 4484

                       Milton Mutch  528-2005

Section 3        Tanya Zdunich 528-7866

                           Duane Langteigne 528-7870

Section 4        Bob Hendry  528-2116 or 2044 (w)

                       Richard Kautz  528-2111 or 528-2044 (w)


Section 1

Linda Senga  528-4544 or 3113

Bev Magnes  528-2217 or 528-2133

Section 2

Joyce Braun  528-2177

Kim Hobman  528-2187 or 2100

Teresa Strachan 528-2060

Section 3     

Judy Harley 528-2285

Section 4   

Ken Braun Sr   528-2254 or 7966

Betty Styles   528-4339

Audrey Hemmingway  528-2116

7. Implementation of the Emergency Plan

Mayor and/or Council, the Emergency Coordinator, or emergency services personnel may implement the Emergency Plan.

Emergency response personnel may take such action(s) as may be required to protect lives and property in the Town of Nokomis.    In the event of an Emergency, this Emergency Plan can be implemented without declaring a Local Emergency.

In any Emergency, call Saskatchewan Public Safety and Sask 911 at (306) 787-9563. who will in turn notify provincial departments and agencies.

8.  Emergency Operations Centre

The Emergency Operations Centre Management Team  will direct and control the response to the emergency.  The Emergency operations Centre Management Team will be responsible for providing essential services and resources to the community and to the emergency site Team.  The Emergency Operations Centre Management Team consists the following:

Emergency Measures Coordinator  Dan Grajczyk        528-2001(h) 528-7472 (c)

Deputy Coordinator 

Members of the EMO Committee      

Executive Committee

David Mark         528-2258(h)   528-7398(c)

Dennis Kresier     528-4401

Ken Koenig           528-2186    528-7790

Jeff Allport           528-9910  528-2677

Kenny Braun    528-7617

Lois Mortenson  528-7825

Emergency Planning Committee (Working Committee)

Tanya Zdunich         528-2010(w)   528-7866

(RCMP)                      946-3316

Ryan Harley(Fire Chief) 528-4730(h)     528-7636 (c)

Doug Sather              528-2114 (w)   528-7316 (c)

Ian Ring(Public Works) 540-7972(c)

Emergency Social Services (food, shelter, etc.)

Public Information

School Representative  528-2191

Transportation   Key Businesses, volunteer Groups, etc,

Emergency Operations Centre

The Emergency Operations Centre Management Team will report to the Emergency Operations Centre located at the Nokomis Fire Hall.  In the event that this operation centre cannot be used, then the secondary location will be the Nokomis School.

9. Emergency Operations Centre Management Team’s   Responsibilities

* Call out municipal emergency services in response to the emergency.

* Appoint the Emergency Site Manager.

All responding emergency services must be notified of the appointment.

* Determine if the location of the Emergency Operations Centre is appropriate.

* Consult the Emergency Site Manager and the Mayor and Council to determine is a Declaration of Local Emergency is required.  The Declaration of Local Emergency when properly completed must be submitted to Sask Public Safety & Sask911.

* Provide adequate communications from the Emergency Operations Centre to the Emergency site (radio/telephone/message runners).

* Establish and confirm public inquiry phone numbers.

* Determine whether an evacuation of residents is required.  Oversee that the needs of the evacuated residents are being met.  The receiving community must be notified that an evacuation is underway and whether or not the evacuees require accommodations, food and other services.

* Approve discontinuance of utilities or services provided by public or private concerns i.e. power, water, gas, closing businesses, schools, etc. * Implement mutual aid arrangements with neighbouring communities.

* Determine if volunteers are required.

* Determine if transportation is required for evacuation of persons or the moving of supplies

* Ensure that the residents of the community are updated on the response to the emergency.(Information may be circulated by informing television, radio and newspapers.)

* Expend monies as authorized to deal with the emergency.

* Notify the response personnel and residents of the termination of the local emergency

* Submit Termination of local Emergency from to Sask Public Safety & Sask911.

* Maintain a log of all activities and decisions made and submit all records to the Emergency Coordinator.

* After the emergency, conduct a review of emergency response procedures and make amendments to the emergency plan where required.

* In any emergency, collect and verify the information from credible sources (Fire, Police. Ambulance or Emergency Site Manager).

* Commit your community’s resources to this information.  Do not UNDER or OVER commit resources.

10.Declaration of Local Emergency 

The Council, or in the absence of a quorum of Council, the Mayor may declare a Local Emergency.  This decision is usually made after consulting with members of the Emergency Operations Centre Management Team and especially with the EMO Coordinator and Emergency Site Manager.  The Council or Mayor must fill out the Declaration of Local Emergency contained in the attachments.

Upon the declaration of the Local Emergency the Council and/or Mayor shall notify:

* The residents of the community;

* Minister of Corrections and Public Safety through Public Safety & Sask911; and

* Neighbouring municipalities and communities as may be required.

11. Emergency Powers 

The extraordinary powers can only be utilised after the Council and/or Mayor has declared a Local Emergency.

The Council may do all acts and take all proceedings that are reasonably necessary to meet the emergency.(See section 21 of The Emergency Planning Act 1989 in the attachments.

A Local Emergency is not required to be considered eligible for compensation for Provincial Disaster Assistance Program.

12. Organization & Control 

Mayor and Council

The Mayor and Council will control and direct emergency operations at all times.  In the absence of Council, the Mayor will assume direction of emergency operations.

Municipal Administrator

* Advise Mayor and Council of legislation and procedures and of developments to the emergency situation and response.

* Manage and coordinate Emergency Operations Centre Management Team activities.

* Manage and coordinate emergency response.

* Maintain financial and other records pertaining to the emergency operations.

Emergency Coordinator

* Ensure that the EOC is set up.

* Assist the Administrator in all duties.

* Coordinate post-emergency reporting and preparation of reports.

* Shall ensure amendments to the emergency plan are made.

Telecommunications Manager

* Ensure reliable and secure telecommunications are established between the Emergency Site and the Emergency Operations Centre. * Coordinate communications procedures.

* Arrange for additional communication resources with SaskTel and other public and private agencies and organizations.

Transportation Manager

* Develop and maintain a Transportation Resource List of various vehicles and their capacities.

* Coordinate the transportation of personnel and materials.

 Emergency Social Services Manager

* Develop and maintain Evacuation and Reception Resource Lists

* Coordinate and develop Evacuation and Reception arrangements with neighbouring municipalities.

Human Resources/Volunteers Manager

* Develop and maintain listing of volunteer organizations and/or people.

* Liaise with other government agencies to help coordinate volunteer activities in an emergency

* Maintain a list of human resources,

Resources Manager

* Develop and maintain resource listings of equipment.

* Coordinate the utilization of these resources in an emergency.

Public Information Manager

* Develop timely media releases concerning the emergency for release to radio stations, television and newspapers, pending approval from the EMO Coordinator and/or Elected Officials.

* Deliver media briefings or brief the community.

Clerks and Staff

* Perform all duties as may be assigned by Municipal Administrator or EMO Coordinator.

13. Emergency Site Management Team

In general, the Emergency Site Manager will be the senior Police, Fire, Ambulance or Public Works person, or other person appointed by Mayor and Council after consulting with the EMO Coordinator.

Emergency Site Manager

* Manage and control the Emergency Site Operations.

* Keeps Emergency Operations Centre informed of all operation activities and resource requirements at the site.


In addition to their normal day-to-day duties, the police will provide:

* The Emergency Site Manager, unless circumstances dictate otherwise;

* Security at the emergency site; * A temporary Morgue if required; and

* Assistance with the evacuation of people.

Fire Services

In addition to their normal day-to-day duties, the firemen will provide:

* The Emergency Site Manager, unless circumstances dictate otherwise;

* Assistance with the evacuation of people; and

* Initial Mutual Fire Aid if required.

Emergency Medical Services

In addition to their normal day-to-day duties, the EMT staff will provide:

* The Emergency Site Manager, unless circumstances dictate otherwise;

* Casualty evaluation;

* First aid on-site; and

* Casualty sorting and transportation.

14.Termination of the Local Emergency

The local emergency may be terminated at any time by:

* The Mayor Council

* The Minister responsible for The Emergency Planning Act, 1989.

The Council shall complete the form “Termination of Local Emergency”, found in the attachments as appropriate.

Upon termination of an emergency, the Mayor and Council will notify:

* The residents of the community

* Saskatchewan Public & Sask911; and

* Neighbouring municipalities and communities as required.

15. Review of Plan

This plan shall be reviewed and exercised annually (or as directed by Council) and amended and distributed as necessary.

16. Resource List  Transportation Resources

Aircraft & Pilots 

Paul O’Carroll –          Fixed wing     528-4450(h) 528-7855(c)

ATV’s, Snowmobiles

  Mel Strachan  528-2060

  Mark Styles  528-4684

  Richard Kautz  528- 2111

  Charles Hulan  528-4620

  Duane Langteigne 528-7870

  Murray Braun  528-4624

  Ron Hendry  528-2978

  Craig Serfling  528-4443

  Dean Hobman  528- 2187

  Harvey Braun  528-2177

  Jamie Wood  528-4637

  Tanya Zdunich 528-7866

Buses / Vehicles       

Janie McNichol 528-7321 


Hendry’s Western Service –        528-2044 (Work) 528-2116


Nokomis Legion Mobility Bus    528- 7391

Raymore Silver Heights   746-5744

Kawacatose Band Office  835-2125

Strasbourg    725-3342

Fuel Dealers   

Co-op Agro    528-2266 or

Towing Companies       

Humboldt Auto Body  682-2579

Select Towing  231-7477

Public Works Resources

Auxiliary Lighting – Generators       

Ian McNichol   528-2158

Doug Potter   528-2099

Allan Harley    528-2198

 Blair’s Fertilizers 528-3150

Kirk’s Hardware 528-2050

Co-op Agro  528-2266

Pioneer  528- 4484

Heavy Equipment & Operators   

Town of Nokomis – Ian Ring  540-7972

RM of Wreford – Jamie Wood 528-2202 528-2040

Blair’s Fertilizer   528-3150

Portable Generators

Ian McNichol   528-4437(h)  528-7623(c)

Doug Potter   528-2099   528-7711 (c)

Allan Harley    528-2198

Ken Braun Sr  528-2254 or 7966

Aggreko Ken Pozniak 222-8386 931-0191

Portable Toilets

Don’s Septic Service  725- 7667


Doug Edwards   528-4324

Town of Nokomis   528-2010

Water Tanks       

Dennis Simpson     528-4542

Barry Mortenson  528-4466

Brian Bart  528-2072

Ken Serfling  528-4342

Doug Potter          528-2099

Daryl Reynolds  528-4439

Greg Kane        528-4405

Jim Beeler  528-4343

Blair’s Fertilizer    528-3150

Brett Halstead  528-2064

Bill Edwards  528-4501

Lawrence Edwards 528-2129

Dean Hobman  528-2187

Craig Serfling  528-4443

Welding Services

Ron Pratchler 528- 7579

Sean Edwards(Portable)528-4688

Jim Beeler (Portable) 528-4343    525-7710    528-7775(c)

Social Services Resources


Nokomis Health Centre  528-2114

Nokomis Hotel   528-3113

Churches and Church Groups

Anglican Church  364-2002

Baptist Church  528-4615

Catholic Church  746-2081

Food Suppliers

Coop Grocery Store  528-2102

Water – Boiled or Bottles

Co-op Grocery   528-2102

Kirk’s Hardware   528-2050


AED – Affinity Credit Union (24/7)

Nokomis Recreation Centre.


Brent Ingram   946-2240  963-2193

Health Services

Nokomis Health Centre 528-2114

Temporary Morgue

McDougall’s Funeral Home  528-2007

Nokomis Recreation Centre  528-2010

Doctors and Nurses

Dr. Bee K. Lim   528-2114

Retired Colleen McNichol  528-4681

Retired Sharon Busch   528-2166

Retired Carol Wright   528-4309

Lynn Shott   528-4615

Sam Kautz   528-2111

Raylene Hulan   528-4620


Nokomis Pharmacy  528-2240

Lanigan Pharmacy  365- 2855

Watrous Pharmacy  946-3311

Fire Control

Fire Departments  911  

Nokomis and District Fire Co-operative

         Fire Chief Ryan Harley  528-4730 528-7636

         Firemen   Kenny Braun 528-7617

                        Jason Wood  528-4637  528-2044

                        Sharon Harley 528-4730

                          Mark Styles 528-4684

                        Murray Braun  528-4624  528-7794

                        Herb Harding   528-2291  528-2114

                       David Mark   528-2285   528-7398

                        Tim Hendry   528-4565  528-4484

                        Gary  Edwards 528-7910

                        Rick Shott 419-9406

                       Jason Hendry  360-0703

Funeral Homes

McDougall’s Funeral Home 946-3436 528-2007


Media Outlets   

Last Mountain Times  528-2020

Radio Equipment / Amateur Operators


Watrous RCMP  – Jeff Friedenstab CO 306-946- 3316

School Boards

Horizon School Division – Lanigan 306-365-4888

Utility Companies

Sask Tel – Repair Service  611 –

Business Office 1-800-727-5835

Sask Power   310-2220

Sask Energy   1-888-700-0427

Volunteer Services 

Nokomis Seniors

Ilene Harding       528-4508

Maureen Tate      528-7522

Catering Committee 

Lois Mortenson   528-4466 (h) 528-2100(w)

Hospital Auxiliary Nina Moskal-Braun 528-4687

Facilities Board 

Sean Edwards   528-4688(h) 528-7710(c)

Railway Emergencies    1-800-795-7851

Department of Highways   1-306-554-5430

Department of Health    1-306-332-4577

Saskatchewan Environment   1-800-667-7525

9-1-1 PSPS (Public Safety Answering Points) (Call Centres)

17. Delegate Responsibilities Clearly

1. Mayor & Council

Implementing the emergency plan.

* The council or in the absence of a quorum of council, the Mayor is responsible for the Declaration of a Local Emergency when required.

* The Council is responsible for the termination of a Declaration of a Local Emergency.

* Notifying the Minister responsible for The Emergency Planning Act, 1989 (through Public Safety & Sask 911) that a Declaration of a Local Emergency has been declared or terminated.

* The authorization of media releases

* Log all actions and decisions.

2. Administrator

* Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) Manager.  (manages the EOC Team and the overall emergency operation).

* Provide information and advice to elected officials.

* Initiate call out of the Emergency Operations Management Team. * Activate the Municipal Operations Centre.

* Coordinate the emergency response.

* Implement the emergency plan in whole or in part.

* Advising the Mayor and Council on the appointment of the Emergency site manager.

* Coordinate the Emergency Operations Centre Teams activities

* Request Mutual Aid.

* Ensure all directions from the Mayor and Council are carried out.

* Review and authorize media releases

* Request a full report of all emergency operations activities from all responding municipal agencies.

* Log all actions and decisions.

3. Emergency Coordinator

* Assist EOC Manager in all duties.

* Coordinate post-emergency debriefings and preparation of reports.

* Shall ensure that amendments to the emergency plan are made.

* Log all actions and decisions.

4.  Public Works Manager

* Ensure resources are available when requested.  (i.e., equipment, barricades, supplies, construction companies, contractors).

* Coordinate purchases, rentals, leases of equipment and maintain records of same.

* Assists in the disconnection of utilities or liaison with utilities companies – water, sewer, power, gas, telephone, etc.

* Restore essential services.

* Log all activities.

5. Telecommunications Manager

* Establish necessary communications between the Emergency Operations Centre and the emergency site.

* If necessary, request additional telephones and lines for Emergency Operations Centre and emergency site.

* Arrange for additional radio equipment and operators from volunteer organizations.

* Log all actions.

6. Transportation Manager

* Arrange transportation as required

* Direct transportation resources as required, i.e., vehicles, buses, boats and aircraft (consider Mutual Aid)

* Coordinate traffic routing/re-routing (in consultation with Sask Highways)

* Determine fuel requirements for emergency.

* Log all actions.

7. Emergency Social Services Director 

* Activate emergency social services plan.

* Ensure that the needs of evacuees are met i.e., accommodations, feeding, registration and inquiry, personal services and clothing.

* Ensure that the Reception Centre(s) is (are) set up.

* Coordinate volunteer organizations, who may be involved with the above activities.

* Assist reception communities in whatever way possible.

* Log all actions.

8. Police

* Provide emergency site security (establish inner and outer perimeter of emergency site)

* Assist in traffic and crowd control. * Coordinate search and rescue activities.

* Assist with evacuations

* Advise medical examiner in the event of a fatality.

* Log all actions.

9. Fire Chief

* Coordinate fire suppression, dangerous goods and rescue (except ground search and rescue).

* Activate the Fire Mutual Aid system if necessary.

* Assist with the evacuation of people

* Log all actions.

10. Nokomis Health Centre

* Provide emergency medical services on site.

* Advise Council through EOC management Team on related public health issues.

* Log all actions.

 11.  Public Information/Media Relations Manager

* Provide timely reports for public, including information regarding emergency declarations and all other emergency information, through the media and other sources.  The Mayor, Council or the EOC Manager must authorize all media releases.

* Establish liaison with provincial Corrections and Public Safety (CPS) Communications (media specialists) staff.

* Establish media facilities.

* Establish a public inquiry system.

* Maintain a log of all actions taken.

18.Organize and Publish

The plans should be numbered and their distribution should be controlled.  There is nothing worse than old copies floating around causing confusion.

Consider copies for the people and agencies as your planning committee, your Emergency Operations Centre Team, neighbouring municipal Mutual Aid Area partners and Saskatchewan Public Safety and Sask 911.


Bylaw for Mutual Aid

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