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From: Carol Kitson < >
Subject: Edward Rollins
Date: August 13, 2009

There is a picture of a dray wagon posted on the Town of Nokomis web page. I believe one of the men (on the right) in that picture is my husband’s grandfather, Edward Rollins.

Edward Rollins (born in 1864 in Ontario) and his first wife Maria are on the 1911 Census for Nokomis. Edward had a bus and dray business at that time. The photograph was taken by “Jessop”. A photographer by that name was listed as a neighbor of Edward Rollins on the 1911 Census.

Edward and Maria Rollins moved to Nokomis sometime after the 1906 Census. I believe Maria died between 1911 and 1913. Edward Rollins and his second wife, Clara Feller (or Paulson) had a son born in Nokomis in June 1913. They moved to Biggar, Saskatchewan before August 1914. Their second son was born in Biggar on this date.

Edward Rollins died in Biggar, SK on Feb 3, 1918; the same day that his youngest son (of 4) was born.

About 1920, Clara Rollins and her four boys moved to New Westminster, BC and then to Vancouver, BC. Clara Rollins had another son born on January 1, 1923. She died, at the age of 32, on March 25, 1924. Her children were taken in by Vancouver’s Children’s Aid Society. They were separated and sent to live with people in various communities in BC. I don’t know what happened to the youngest son born in 1923.

We hope to find information that will answer the many questions the family has regarding Edward and Clara Rollins.

Help in this matter would be greatly appreciated.

From: Rhonda Baker < >
Subject: Nokomis Cemetery
Date: June 4, 2009

I am searching for information about my grand and great-grandparents and thier families, and ran across your website… which was very helpful. Thanks!

I would really like to get a digital photo of the following tombstones from the Nokomis Cemetery (if at all possible as mentioned in the article, through contact with the webmaster?):

Harry E. Carson 5-A-117
Baby Carson 5-A-118
Daniel Gerlach 10-C-64
Olga Gerlach 10-C-64
Fitch, Henry D. & Mary Agnes 7-B-43
Fitch, William 7-B-40
Smalley Baby 5-A-119

On page 20 of the History of Nokomis, my grandmother’s first husband, Harry Carson, is mentioned as having died from the 1918 Influenza epedemic. Do you happen to have any other information about the above mentioned persons?

I also had a relative, Ernest Gerlock (Gerlach) born in the sod house homestead near Nokomis on November 12, 1907 and Oscar Gerlock (Gerlach) born on June 5, 1911. I believe the homestead was located on NW 4-30-22 and was established on 2-19-1909.

Any information would be greatly appreciated. We are having a family reunion on July 4 of this year, and I have been searching to find out more about the Carson-Gerlock connections.

Thanks again,
Rhonda Carson Baker

Community Blog – Edgar M. Carlson, Hatfield, Sk

my father, edgar myron carlson, was born in hatfield, sk in january 1918, on a quarter section homestead farm registered to my grandfather august carlson in July 1912. the farm was in the rm of wreford no. 280 (ne 15 28 22) located on the west side of highway no. 20 approx 10 km south of the town of nokomis. august carlson died around 1926; they is no record of his burial in the nokomis cemetery. was there a cemetery in hatfield at the time of august’s death and if so, are there any records for this cemetery?
– cottagebob

Rootsweb Board – Smalley

I am interested in finding information on Amos Smalley who married Alvina Gerlock. I believe they were from Nokomis, Saskatchewan, Canada.

Rootsweb Board – Smalley

I have great deal of info on both the parentage of Amos Henry Smalley and his children. To my knowledge they had five children 1. William(Bill) Amos Daniel Smalley. 2 Ralph. 3 Walter (Dick). 4. Dorothy . and 5 Robert (Bob). Amos’s parents wereWilliam James Smalley and Maria June Garbutt, William James parents were Amos Smalley and Amanda (unknown). I can go back much farther in that parentage line to the 1500’s.

If you like you can contact me offline at or I can still be reached back in Ontario at At present I am in Florida for the months of Oct thru to the end of Feb, but I can be reached at the AOL addy for replyies or at the cogeco addy ,but will not be able to use the reply button as I had my internet service suspended while I am in Largo FL. I would appreciate it if you could let me know of your connection to the Smalley family. My relationship to the group you noted is on a line that comes down from Amos & June’s father Erastus Smalley but I do have my genealogy program with me here

Rootsweb Board – Schunke

I’m excited to see you have info on Wisconsin Schunkes~ my maternal g’mother is 92, daughter of Alfred Walter Schunke Sr who was born in 1879 in Racine, WI. Alfred’s wife, Emily/Emelya Henrietta Litwin was born in Germany, and together they had four children ( Richard William b1907; Edna Lillian b1908; Alfred Walter Jr b1910; and Myrtle Edith (my grandmother) b1913, All the children were born in Nokomis, Saskatchewan, Canada with the exception of my g’mother who was born in Oregon. Alfred Walter’s parents were William/Wilhelm Schunke and Julia Beisiegel

Rootsweb Board – Saskatchewan – General

Trying to find information on George Raymond Allen who emigrated to Canada from the UK (we think Wales) aged 1 in 1900 with his parents (names unknown). He married Lena (surname unknown) and moved to Saskatoon in 1919. Known residences include Saskatoon, Kandahar and Nokomis, he had four sons; Ross Chester Allen, John Norman Allen, Raymond Allen and George Allen. He died in 1961 in Saskatoon (I have the obit) and Lena died in 1968 (I have the obit). Can anybody shed any light on this family? I’m particularly interested in his marriage to Lena and his arrival in Canada.

From: “Dave Emmington”
To: nokomiswebsite
Subject: Nokomis History
Date: 25 & 28 May 2005

My name is David Emmington, I am the son of Marjory L. Stephensen (deceased), born in Nokomis, elder daughter of O.S. Stephensen Jr. Olaf Stephensen Sr., his two sons Olaf Jr. and Erik settled in the Nokomis area in 1904 and 1906, TWP 29, Sections NE18, NW18 & SE18.
Olaf & Erik were killed in the Battle of Somme in 1916. The old man Olaf died the same week of heart failure, he is said to be buried outside the cemetery gate in a buffalo wallow. My grandmother, Kathleen Flora Stephensen is also buried in Nokomis, her mother’s grave, A.A.F. Stockdale is nearby. The family lived at 104-5th Ave East.
Please note the spelling of Stephensen ———— even the war memorial in Nokomis has it wrong for Erik.

Kathleen Flora’s father was Charles Stockdale, born and died in England. Kathleen’s mother was Adelaide Agnes Flora Stockdale, she came to Canada in 1907 after the death of Charles to join her daughter Kathleen. She kept house for Olaf Sr.. Kathleen married Olaf Jr. on March 5, 1912.

A story of an old whiskey bottle;       by David Emmington

My grandfather, his brother and their father on my mother’s side (Stephensen) settled in the Nokomis area in the early 1900’s. They came from England. To be exact their farmsteads were located two miles east and one mile south of Nokomis.
There is a story told in one of Grandpa Olaf s letters too his soon to be wife, of Olaf senior taking his oats to the railhead in Nokomis It said, “Poor Pa, he was taking his oats to town the other day and the tailgate fell off his wagon, before he noticed, he had lost most of his oats.” I can imagine this was a sorry scene and there were much happier trips to town. Mr. Jack Shields, a neighbour; whose farm Olaf must pass, told my mother that Olaf often “got into his cups” as he returned home having purchased a bottle of whiskey in town. His singing could be heard for miles.
The irony of this recollection is that in the year 2000, just days before my mother’s death, I visited the old farmstead. The owner, Mr. Richter gave me permission and told me of an old binder that that remained derelict on the property, likely belonging to my Great-Grandfather. As I walked across the field to a pile of stones and the old International-Harvester binder, I stumbled on an old whiskey bottle ————- could it have been Olaf’s?
The bottle sits on a shelf in my rec room.

Adoption Search

Posted by Joan Webb (E-mail: on August 31, 1997

My husband Wayne is looking for his birth mother. He was born on April 3, 1944 in Nokomis, Saskatchewan and called Wayne Graham. He was fostered by the Webb family in Moose Jaw until they adopted him in 1959.
We are going to be grandparents in October and would like to make connections with birth family.

Rootsweb TOWNSEND-L Archives

From: Alan Townsend, Kelowna, BC (E-mail:
Subject: Townsend -Nottingham England Date: Wed, 11 Feb 98

This is what I have on my Townsend line so far:
GGrandfather Thomas Townsend m. Elizabeth (?)
Grandfather John William Townsend m. Kate Maria (Kit) Shooter
Father Alec Harold Shooter Townsend b. Feb 8/1910 Nottinghamshire m. Margret Isabel Parker b. 1916 Nokomis, Sask
dau Joan Carol b.1935 Saskatoon, SK. (2 sons,1 dau)
dau Helen Kay b.1941 Saskatoon, SK. ( 3 sons 1 dau)
son Alan Leslie b. Feb 9/1943 Powell River, B.C. (2 dau)

Alan Leslie b Feb 9/1943 Powell River, B.C. ( 2 dau) m Maureen Finlayson b.1941
Marlene Laura Townsend b. Feb 29/1964 m Blair Hunter
dau Tayler Jessica B Sept 7/95
Cheryl Anne Townsend b. April 3/1969

Thomas Townsend is listed as 21 in the 1881(?) Census.
Interesting to note that this is as far as I have gotten with the Townsend line.
My mother’s line goes back to 1749 and is interesting to note that the mothers line back from Tayler changes name about every second generation.
Regards Al
Home Page:

Rootsweb ALEXANDER-L Archives

Subject: ALEXANDER 1844 to 1907 Canada
From: Roberta Peterson –
Date: Fri, 31 Oct 1997 20:26:10 -0800

Dear Joan: Saw your information via rootsweb email – do you have Canadian ALEXANDER kin? Just in case….here are mine. Am not far enough back yet to search out of Canada, but my Alexanders at some point came from Ireland:

John Alexander b. Sept 26,1844, Ontario; d.July 16, 1917, Nokomis, Sk.
Married: Sarah Hadden b.Feb 11,1845, Ontario; d. July 11, 1917 Nokomis, Sk.
John and Sarah spent most of their married life in Bruce County, Ontario. Were only in Sask. two years before they died.
Mary Rowena b. Nov. 1, 1867, Ontario
John Henry (my grandfather) b.Mar.4,1869, Ontario; d. 1948, Saskatoon, Sk.
Clarissa b. Jan 18, 1871, Ontario
George Sylvester b. Nov. 14, 1875, Ontario
Sarah Jane b. Aug 10, 1878. Ontario
Mary Ellen b. Aug 20, 1881, Ontario
William Richard b. May 10, 1884, Ontario
Eva Mureal b. Aug 30, 1886, Ontario

My grandfather John Henry ALEXANDER married Ruth Ellen Curtin, in Ripley (?) Ontario, 1894? He had a photograph studio in Ripley for a few years.
Children: Roberta Bell b.1895
Gordon Sylvester b. 1897
Luella Rhea b. 1903
Eva Mae b. 1907, Lucknow, Ont.(my mother)
Thanks for the information you’ve posted via rootsweb- keep most of what comes in – just in case.
Sincerely, Roberta Peterson, Mission, B.C.

Genforum Board – Canada

A.C. McNichol was born Feb. 25 1882 in New Dundee Ont. – died Jan. 6 1949 in Nokomis Saskatchewan. Looking for his parents – I believe Henry is his father – ?? mother. Any leads???

Genforum Board – Canada

Have you read the write-up on the family of Henry McNichol in the book, Banner County: History of Russell & District, available online here:

It doesn’t name the mother, but indicates that both she and Henry were born in Perth County, Ontario; six sons: Louis, Jacob, Alfred, Arthur, William and Melvin; also four daughters: Maud, Beatrice, Florence and Edith. The four older boys when west to Nokomis, Saskatchewan for homesteading.

Genforum Board – McNichol

Please bear with me, I am very new at this! My Great grandfather Arthur McNichol married Susan Janzen in about 1912. Arthur’s father’s name was Henry McNichol. Arthur was born in Ontario, Henry I am not too sure, I will look into it further.

Arthur & Susan had five children. William, Maude, Ruth, Eva, and Louis. Great Great Grandpa Henry lived in Russell, MB at some point in his life. Arthur and Susan lived in Ebeneezer, SK as well as Yorkton, SK. They then settled in Nokomis, SK. There are quite a few McNichols in Nokomis still

Genforum Board – McLelland

I have a Eliza Mclelland in our family . But not much on her. This Eliza had 3 brothers and 1 sister. I am related to one of the brothers, James Mclelland. All I know is he was born on the way to MS in Ontario, Canada (we think ) about the 1840s or there about. He married a Rebecca Hayes in 1875 in Canada . The 3 brothers names are William, Robert, James, 1 sister was Ada. The story goes that they were born in Ireland.????

Rootsweb Board – McLelland

I have a James Mclelland b. ? married a Rebecca Hayes June 8, 1875. She was born Feb. 9, 1854. Rebecca lived in Goulbourne Township, Ontario, Canada. Their children were:
Alfred James b. Aug. 13, 1876 d. Mar 2, 1877
Annie Louise b. Feb. 15, 1878
Albert Ernest b. Aug. 1879
Wilbert Joseph b. May 25, 1881 d. Feb. 13, 1967 Ladner, B.C.
Lawrence Edwin b. May 5, 1883 d. Aug. 23, 1885
Robert George b. Nov. 24, 1884
Hannah Matilda b. Feb. 2, 1887 married Jack Mackenzie
Steward Craford b. Jan 1, 1891
John Elwood b. Oct. 19, 189?
Melvin Alexander b. Oct. 3, 1898 d. Oct. 21, 1986
I have a lot of info on Wilbert he is our grandfather .
Would like any info on any of these people
Thank you

Clan McIntosh Guestbook

Name: Kevin Blain McIntosh   City: Cold Lake, Alberta
Email: blain_ @
Date: 4/16/2002
Clan: McIntosh

Great Great grandfather Hugh McIntosh, and Great grandfather James McIntosh both from Nokomis, Saskatchewan. Grandfather Donald Vern McIntosh. Father George Ray McIntosh, who married Bella Lefebvre. They had four children Priscilla Lynn, Jeffrey Earl, Wendy Mae, and myself, Kevin Blain McIntosh all from Cold Lake, Alberta.

Genforum Board – Lasher

Thank you. I have found your website very informative, and you helped fill in a gap or two in my files on the Lasher families in Canada. The cemetery transcription did raise other interesting questions though… Is Wesley C. Lasher b. 1898 the son of John Turpin Lasher b. 1860 or his brother David Lasher b. 1863? They are the sons of Simeon and Mary Ann Lasher of Richmond Twp. Lennox & Addington Co., Ontario. Both moved to Seskatchewan sometime in the late 1880’s or early 1890’s. David Lasher married Rosetta Clark and had a son Robert Wesley Lasher b. 25 May 1900 in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Rosetta died during childbirth and is buried Nutana Pioneer Cemetery, Saskatoon, and it appears Robert was raised by his mothers sister’s family. David Lasher not on the 1901 census but is single living as a border in Saskatoon on the 1906 census. John Turpin Lasher is not listed and neither is Wesley C. Lasher on 1901 census. However, John is listed on your website as being a homesteader and recieved a land grant as follows: Township 28, Range 23, West of the 2nd Meridian, SW 10 28 23 W2 near Saskatoon. If you happen upon any further information that might help clear up some of these mysteries, I would be most greatful to know. Many thanks!
John Lasher

Genforum Board – Graham

Joseph Graham and Frances Armstrong are my G-G-Grandparents. I am looking for any further info, especially siblings and parents.

JOSEPH GRAHAM was born in Antrim County, Scotland, and died Sep 9, 1881 in Newbury, ON. He married FRANCES ARMSTRONG. She was born 1816 in Fermangh, Ireland, and died 1901 in Shetland, ON. Joseph Graham and Frances Armstrong had 11 children:

iii. CHARLES GRAHAM, born May 3, 1845, Newbury, ON; died Oct 25, 1935, Saskatoon, SK; married (1) MARY GIBSON, About. 1877; born 1853; died Jan 12, 1887; married (2) JOSEPHINE HELENA BROWNLEE, May 22, 1889; born Jun 2, 1860, Shetland, ON; died Nov 29, 1945, Nokomis, SK.
        (1) Charles Graham and Mary Gibson had 4 children: Matthew Edwin Graham, Frederick Charles Graham, Gertrude Vivian Graham, R.N., Mary Frances Graham.
        (2) Charles Graham and Josephine Brownlee had 3 children: Bertha Irene Graham, Vera Viola Graham, Robert Caryle Graham.

Genforum Board – Brownlee

Josephine Helena BROWNLEE, born Jun 2, 1860 in Shetland Ontario and died Nov 29, 1945 in Nokomis, Saskatchewan. Married Charles GRAHAM (born May 3, 1845 in Newbury, Ontario and died Mar 1, 1945) on May 22, 1889. Charles and Josephine had 3 children: Bertha Irene Graham (b. May 10, 1891 – Shetland, ON d. Mar 1, 1945 – Nokomis, SK); Vera Viola Graham (b. Jul 12, 1892 d. Jun 21, 1960); Robert Carlyle Graham (b. Aug 9, 1897 – Shetland, ON d. May 3, 1980 – Swift Current, SK).

Josephine Brownlee had a sister, Mina BROWNLEE, who married John WILLIAMS.

Josephine Brownlee was my G-Grandmother and I am interested in any information anyone may have.

Genforum Board – Braithwaite

We may be related. I have always been told that 2 brothers came over from Yorkshire. I am descended (supposedly) from Elijah Braithwaite. I don’t know his brother’s name but the writer Max Braithwaite is supposed to be a descendant of the other brother. Elijah stayed in Ontario (London) where he and his descendants are buried (Birr United Church). The other brother supposedly went out west.

I have recently started to find out where in England Elijah came from but I was shocked to see that the 1871 Ontario census listed him as born in Ireland. Please contact me if you think John may be related to Elijah. Elijah was a Methodist.

Anne Braithwaite (

Genforum Board – Lanning

Thanks for your offer. I actually have quite a bit of info that has been compiled over the past thirty years by my mother’s first cousin Ethel Albin who lives in Sabetha, KS. She has written a 90 page book (1999 edition) listing the descendents of Nancy Kerling and John Lanning. She also has another book that she has typed the letters that her grandfather Joseph Leader Lanning left her. There were several and they mention many of the family members from Jay co, IN and Perry co, OH. If you are interested in a copy I can give you her mailing address. Email me directly at

My grandmother was Pearl Lanning b 1897 in Jay co, IN (Joseph Leander Lanning/Rebecca Jane Bailey) and moved with her family to Richardson co, NE when she was a few months old. Her husband was John Anderson McGinnis from Altamont, MO.

How are you related to this line?

Subject: RE: Tombstone & Cemetery Records
From: “Barry Poag” (   To: “R. Isherwood” (nokomiswebsite)
Date: Thu, 7 Oct 2004 15:00:01 -0400

Thank you for your response regarding my “Poag’ query. My grandfather was Robert Poag. He immigrated from Ireland, probably 1914 or ’15, enlisted with the 229th Battalion in Moose Jaw in April, 1916, served in Europe with the CEF and returned from France in 1919, presumably to Nokomis. He married Elizabeth Jane Hamilton on May 15, 1920 in Nokomis, or possibly Semans, where Robert’s brother had a tailoring shop. Unfortunately, we haven’t found a marriage certificate.

My grandfather tailored in Nokomis until he lost his shop in the fire on February 3, 1921. Following the fire he may have then worked as a butcher. My father, Robert Hamilton Poag, was born on July 26, 1923 in Nokomis. The birth and death of the infant Poag could have been before or after my father’s debut. We believe that they moved to Ontario in 1926 or ’27; this is still unclear.

With respect to the tragedy of losing the infant ‘Poag’, there has been a family story that my grandfather attempted to walk along the railway tracks in a severe snowstorm in vain, either to get a doctor or to get to my grandmother. It is believed that this event was reported in the local paper at the time.

Rootsweb Board – Litwin

I believe my GGrandmother, Emily Litwin, b. 29Sept 1886 in Poland is one of Adam Litwin’s older children out of a total of 9. My grandmother/Emily’s dau. is Myrtle Edith (Schunke) Otey. Would love to learn more and will be happy to provide what info I have.

Rootsweb Board – Litwin

I have a copy of Your Great GrandMother Emily Litwin’s birth record. The copy is poor, and in Russian, but it says that she was born on Sept. 29, 1886, christened Oct. 2, 1886, in Byalkowo in Plotsk. The site has a map of the area. The name is also Plock which is west of Warsaw on the Vistula. There are a couple of people doing research on the Litwins that I know of. I also have copies of Adam Litwin’s bible entries in Deutsch, and his marriage civil registration, in Russian, and bunch of other stuff too.

Rootsweb Board – Saskatoon

I am looking for any information on the Bernst family of Nokomis. Augustus and Emilie and children William (b. 1877), Lydia (b. 1879), Martha (b. 1880), Annie (b. 1884), Amiel (b. 1889) and Samuel (b. 1892) came from East Poland or Russia in 1894 and settled in the Springfield, Manitoba area. Emilie died in a wagon accident around 1900 and Augustus married Julianna. They had a son Edward C. (b. 1904) and then moved to Nokomis.

Rootsweb Board – Saskatoon

Wow! Julianna Bernst was my mother’s grandmother. My mother’s maiden name was WIESNER and her mother’s maiden name was PENNO. Julianna Bernst visited us a few times in Vancouver, BC.
My mother Lydia (nee Wiesner) died last Sep 2003 at the age of 95 1/2. After my mother married they moved from Nokomis to Tate, Sk and in 1935 moved to Vancouver, BC where I grew up.
Julianna’s son Edward stayed with us in Vancouver for a while and then moved to San Diego, CA.
Please contact me at for further exchange of information.
Irwin Feldcher,   Calgary, AB

Genforum Board – Steeves

I am looking for the parents of Claude Leroy Steeves possibly from New Brunswick originally,the parents farmed in Nokomis and Roy(Claude Leroy) farmed in Young.
Henry James Steeves 1850-1935
Alice Lillian Steeves (nee Curry) 1859-1945
Their death dates fit perfectly

Genforum Board – Saskatchewan

Looking for any information about the family of James Otho Gandy. His Father was Warren Oswell Gandy. James was born on January 29, 1876 in Clarksburg, W. Virginia. From there his family moved to Kansas, and then to Saskatchewan in 1095. in June of 1912, James married Evelyn Gould in Nokomis, SK. I am looking for any information I can find on the Family of James Otho Gandy. I have not been having much luck.

Genforum Board – Gandy

Searching for any information about Warren Oswell Gandy,(b. Nov. 1st, 1846) who married Elizabeth Corley (b. Nov. 4th, 1853 d. March 18, 1907)on November 4th, 1874.

Their children are as follows:
Baby girl, born & died on Apr. 13, 1874
James Otho Gandy Born Jan. 29, 1876
Russell Cork Gandy born Dec. 6 1877
Georgia Gandy born Jan 17, 1880
Nellie Gandy born Jan 10, 1882
All children were born in West Virginia. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

The family moved from West Virginia to Kansas in May of 1886, and then to Saskatchewan, Canada in 1905.

James Otho is my great-grandfather and he had 3 daughters:
Elizabeth Gandy b. Jul 25, 1913
Helen Gandy(my grandmother) b. Jul 26, 1916
Mary Gandy b. Apr 26, 1933.

Genforum Board – Currie

Looking for anyone with information about this family.
Angus – born in Canada (probably Ontario) about 1836
Ann – born in Scotland about 1835
Children: – Margaret born in Canada 1861
John born in Canada 1863
Donald born Mount Forest, Ontario, Canada 1864
Mary Ann born Canada 1867
Angus born Canada 1879

Donald is my Ggrandfather. He married Jane Crawford Smith and moved to Saskatchewan.
Thanks, Tamie

Genforum Board – Currie

I am looking for any connection to Donald Clark Currie, born 1864 in Mount Forest, Ontario. He moved to Redwood, Minnesota and in 1893,married Jane Crawford Smith, born 1873. They had 5 children, Donald, Martha Zella, Jessie, Edith and Grace. They moved to Govan, Saskatchewan in 1905. Jane died in 1917 at the age of 44, while on the operating table having a kidney operation. Donald died in 1929 of tuberculosis. It is thought Donald had a brother who owned or worked at a jewelry store in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Any connections would be greatly appreciated!

Judi’s Reagan Guestbook

sharon j. regan – 07/07/99 14:06:30

judi, thanks for showing all the names and people who have written. the names are in our history book. it goes back to 1500’s. the names of micheal, fanny mCguire, cora, all are in our book. my father was stanley. they came from ireland, dad was born in quebec after they moved from vermont. they had a feed store in eastman quebec before they came to nakomis, sask. then to oyen alberta. boy what a small world with the web. thanks again. sharon.

Subject: Lydia & Clifford Feldcher
E-mail from:Irwin Feldcher   To: R. Isherwood






Irwin R. Feldcher

Rootsweb Board – Saskatchewan

Searching for any information on Halvor Olsen Grønset (aka Gronseth) from Sigdal, Norway who settled at Nokomis, SK and later moved to BC. Wife was Mari Trondsdatter Aasland.

Rootsweb Board – Saskatchewan

Looking for information on two brothers that were my ancestors. Both were sons of Hugh Morrison and Jane Morrison nee Craigg of Tullamore Ontario. Hugh William Morrison moved from Tullamore to Nokomis Saskatchewan and died May 1, 1936 66 years old. First arrived in Girvan Saskatchewan in 1906. Buried in Nokomis Cemetary.

Robert Henry Morrison born dec 28 1874 died aug 7 1967 in Nokomis Saskatchewan cemetary.

I’m looking for any pictures of homestead, death certificates, obit from local newspaper. Anything?
Mark Morrison

Rootsweb Board – Saskatchewan

We have also been looking for information on Lutheran, Germans from Russia. My husbands GG Grandfather was Christoph(f) Miller (Muller, Mueller) who came over from Russia in the late 1800’s with his wife (Louise?) and several children (10?). They lived in Nikomus, Sask.and are burried there.

They traveled quite a bit going down to the USA and Alberta, before passing away.
Do you have anything that may help us, maybe we can help each other.

Rootsweb Board – Saskatchewan

I’m trying to locate some information on my husband’s great great grandfather CHRISTOPH (F) (ER) MILLER. All we know at this time is that his wife’s name may have been LOUISE. And that they emmegrated from (Germany/Russia/Poland/?) in the late 1800’s. He is supposed to be buried in a cemetary in Nokomis, SASK. He may have passed away in 1910.

They had several children one of their names is LUDWIG MILLER who is my husbands great grandfather, who married WILLIMINA FELSE.

They resided in the South Edmonton region in Alberta. They had 10 children. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Rootsweb Board – Bambrough

I’m searching for the son of a Norman Bambrough from Saskatchewan. Norman had a brother named Tom who was married to a woman named Eola (born in 1912 in Buffalo, New York). They resided in Watrous and before divorcing in 1940, they had a daughter named Yvonne who was born July 28th, 1936 (in Watrous, Sask). Tom passed away tragically in a housefire 1948 when their daughter was 12. Norman also lived in Nakomis, Sask. as well as Fernie, BC

Rootsweb Archives – Saskatchewan

I am researching the Morrison family from NOKOMIS. They are as follows:
Robert Morrison born l874 Dec. 28, died Aug. 7, l967.
His brother Hugh born Mar l0. l870 died May 1, l936.
Also, is there anyone who could take a picture of their tombstones in the Nokomis cemetery ? I would be very greatful for anything on these two pioneers.
Alinda (Morrison)

Rootsweb Board – Saskatoon

I was told yesterday that my Johnston family of Marlborough tied in with the Pollock family. A sister of my Adam Johnston was to have married a Pollock gentleman. I unfortunately don’t have their first names. Adam Johnston was born about 1836 and married Jessie McDiarmid March 29 1864. The children I know of from the 1881 census of Carleton County, Marlborough Township, Ontario lists Angus,
Thomas Edward,
William John,
Adam Henry,
Peter Duncan,
Mary Elizabeth.
According to this gentleman, after Adam Sr. died the family moved to Nokomis Saskatchewan, except for Angus who operated a grocery store in Ottawa, and Peter Duncan died Dec 25 1898 and is buried in Malokoff cemetery. I’m also sure that Thomas Edward stayed in the Marlborough area. I believe Henry Johnston went west, and possibly William John. My William was 11 in 1881. My Adam’s parents may have been Jane and Adam Johnston, as I did find a son Adam with Jane and Adam in a transcribed 1851 census of Marlborough, age 6 – but the age doesn’t match up. Henry married Violet Mabel Hill Dec 1901 at the Malokoff Methodist Church.

Genforum Board – Saskatchewan

Looking for information on Thomas Edward & Annie NEWTON.

When they came from England they had 2 daugthers with them: Amy Br; 5 July, 1903 and Annie (Dolly) 29 Sept.1904. They came from England in 1907 settled in Broadview while Thomas work for the C.P.R. After a injury the settled in Nokomis were they farm west of town for many years. Then moved on to Carrot River.

Looking for information about their years in Boardview and Nokomis.
C.P.R. DOES NOT pass on information about their employees past or present.

(Response by Jenna Tong)

Thomas Edward fought in WWI; he was in Nokomis at this time:
Interestingly it talks about Fulham (Falham) and Putney as being home-places in London – my family live around that area now.

Subject: Re: Newton Family – Nokomis Cemetery Date: Wed, 07 Jul 2004 23:57:04 -0400 (EDT)
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I am sending you the following information in regards to Thomas (and Walter were brothers): Thomas Edward Newton b. 18 March 1883 Fulham London, England. Married Annie Sweeny 13 April 1902. Came to Canada in 1907 lived Broadview, then moved to Nokomis. He work for the CPR. Lost 3 fingers. They had a house in town (I have heard stories about a meat market or something like that). They had a homestead @ SE 30 29 22 W2. They had the following children:
-Amy 5 July 1903 (England);
-Annie 29 Sept 1904 (England);
-Edith 8 July 1907 (Broadview);
-Frances 8 June 1910 (Nokomis)
-Mary 9 Feb 1913 (Nokomis);
-Tom 25 Aug.1914 (Nokomis):
-James 13 Nov 1918(Nokomis)
-Arthur 10 Nov 1921 (Nokomis). They lost a daughter Helen I believe between Jim and Art.
They moved to Carrot River Sask, in 1926. The children attend school in Nokomis (Would there be any school records available).
Annie past away on 8 May 1943 @Nipawin, Sask. Thomas past away on 30 Sept, 1959 @ Carrot River, Sask. I hope this is helpful.
Gail Newton

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I forgot the information about Walter & Mary.
Walter was born: 1872, Southwark, Surrey (I do not have his birth record yet for the month). In 1891 he worked as a Carman and lived with his brother Henry and his lived in the house next door this maybe how they met. Mary Ann Wisdem born: 1875 Fulham , London, England.
Walter and Thomas parents were James Henry Newton and Emily Amelia (Hands).
Regards, Gail newton

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I am trying to find the BMD record for the following childern.
HENRY (BR: 1867) LAMBETH, SURREY married a jane??
WALTER (BR: 1972) SOUTHWARK, SURREY married a Mary WISDEM and moved to Canada. Past away on 25 March 1937 Nokomis ,Sask. Canada
EDITH (BR; 1880) FULHAM , MIDDLESEX may have married a GOULD
THOMAS EDWARD (BR:1883) FULHAM, MIDDLESEX married a Annie SWEENY and moved to Canada . Past away on 30 Sept. 1959 Carrot River Sask.
LORIBETH J(BR:1885) FULHAM, MIDDLESEX may have past away before 1901.
I have been trying to find all the pieces with no luck. James and Emily where still alive in 1916 living in Putney, London.
Gail Newton

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hi, may have some information u might be interested in. my grandfather albert bernst’s sister bernice was born in nokomis, saskatchewan in 1918. her parents were Rose and Edward Bernst

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My great grandmother Rose Louise Bernst(Smith) maiden name, born in England in 1898 married my great grandfather Edward Emil Bernst, born in 1888. They had 7 boys, 1 daughter.
Bernice Nicolettes born in nokomis, sk in 1918,
chuck bernst born in fort william ont in 1919,
my grandfather who is Albert Bernst born in Fort William, ontario in 1920,
Clarence Bernst born in nokomis sk in 1922,
Earl Bernst born in nokomis sk in 1923,
Ronald Bernst born in nokomis sk in 1925,
Harry Bernst born in 1927 in nokomis, sk
and alan bernst born in 1933 in nokomis, sk.
Hope this could help if this is the right family. would like any information u have, thanks. Charlene

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This might be coming together now. My Great Grandmother’s brother was named Amiel Bernst (according to the Manitoba Census) born Feb 1889. This could be your Edward Emil. Would you happen to know what his parents names were? If they were Augustus and Emilie (Amelia) then we are on the right track. CC

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My grandmother was Olga Litwin. She came to Canada circa 1900 as a child. Her father was Adam Litwin. Adam’s father was Johann Litwin, and his grandfather was Andreas Litwin. The family came from Poland to Winnipeg then to Nokomis SK Canada.
Adam was a Baptist preacher and kept detailed family records in his bible. Names I’m looking for are: Litwin, Jobs, Fengler, Selig, Schultz, Grahn, Komm, Krentz. My grandmother told me that the name Litwin has Swedish origins, however, they spoke German.

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The Johann Litwin that is my ancestor was born on May 20,1820, and there is a rumour that he came with Adam his son. I found the passenger lists and he did not come over with them. Johann must of died in Poland. Adam came over in 1903, and in 1906 he moved to Saskatchewan. Nokomis is not near White Star to the best of my knowledge. I have a map that shows detail to the section level for Wynyard and I can’t find White Star there. Do you know where in Poland Johann was born? It sounds like your Johann could have been a grandson of my Johann.

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my name is ernest(bruce ) ramshaw my father was earnest ramshaw born st marys embro township( north of ingersoll )oxford county july 1, 1888 he came to western canada and homesteaded at nokomis sask with his father robert and brothers albert and charles and sister queenie (who died in the 1918/19 flue) two other brothers henry and jack remained in ontario my father then moved to the love sask district in 1938 and subsequently died in jan 1974 i would like to hear from any one having information or knowledge of this branch of the ramshaw name please reply. my e mail is

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I am searching for some information on my grandfather Robert Ramshaw who farmed in West Zorra Twp. near the village of Embro.

There were a number of sons one of which was my father Earnest Robert Ramshaw who came west after the turn of the century around 1902 he was joined by his brothers Albert Charles, Jack (who later returned to Ontario)and a sister Queenie (who died in the flu epidemic of 1918/19)other brothers Thomas and Henry remained in Southwest Ontario

Robert Ramshaw Sr. moved west with his wife and along with the above mentioned sons and daughter took up homestead lands in the winter of 1905 near the Village of Nokomis, SK.

If you have any information related to the above or any information regarding the Ramshaw name which is not very common. i would appreciate an e-mail.

Whitmania – Guestbook

I’m an avid researcher on several Annapolis County families, Related as a cousin to many Whitman’s. Went to school in Richfarms SD. Nokomis, SK. with grandchildren of Lew Whitman, who came to the West with my Great Grandparents, J.B Potter, and sons Corey and Everett. Would be happy to share History with you.
184 Morris St. Carleton Place, ON Canada Alfred ‘Fred’ H. Potter e-mail

Catherine Fox 2001-10-13

Seeking other decendents of Alfred Skippon, son of Thomas Skippon and Phoebe Baker. He married Eliza Skippon. They moved from Middlesex co. to Nokomis Saskatchewan 1902 – received homestead grant there.

Rootsweb Board – Saskatchewan

Trying to trace the names of my paternal grandmother’s parents. She was born, Florence Anna Parker Barber, 14 November 1907 in Nokomis, Saskatchewan. My great grandfather and his fellow travellers (3 other wagons) were the first people to settle in Nokomis and gave it the name.I know that they built a homestead & then went on to build the 1st general store there before moving on. I am keen to find out the names of my great grandfather & great grandmother and research back from there. I believe that my Grandmother had two brothers Arthur and Lloyd and their families may still be in Canada.
An update to previous message (also new e-mail address).
Gt. Grandfather Arthur A. BARBER (1859-1934) m. Florence Matilda PARKER (1873 -1954) were in Nokomis 1907, A A Barber ran General Store. Moved just north to farm until abt. 1920, then moved to B.C. My grandmother Florence Anna PARKER BARBER was born in Nokomis, 14 Nov 1907.
My PARKER family details so far:
John PARKER b.England abt 1823 -parents Benjamin & Elizabeth PARKER.Died 1883 Ontario. m. unknown.
John b abt 1856 Italy, Emily b abt 1858 Italy, Benjamin b abt 1862 Spain,
Robert b abt 1864 Spain.
Family emigrated to Canada 1865, settled in Barrie, Vespra Twp, Simcoe County, Ontario.
2nd wife;Annie CARSON b 30 Oct 1844, Ontario
Albert b abt 1868,
Florence Matilda b 28 Oct 1873 (m Arthur BARBER 1905),
Isabella b 3 Jan 1877 (m George SIMPSON 1901),
George William b 21 Feb 1879 (m Helen JACKSON),
Lambert b 22 March 1881
Adelaide Amelia b 28 March 1883(m John Edward ROBSON 1907).

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My grandmother, Florence Anna Parker Barber, was born 14/11/1907 in Nokomis, Saskatchewan. Birth reg. at Regina 5/1/1908. Trying to trace her parents’ names. Her father had a homestead at Nokomis & built the first general store there. The family later moved to B.C. where she married my grandfather Frederick Charles Wearing in 1932

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Further to last message – My grandmother, Florence Anna PARKER BARBER’s parents were Arthur Alexander BARBER b.1859,died 1934 and Florence Matilda PARKER b. 1874, d 1954. (Parents:John PARKER b.1823 Eng. d1883 & Annie CARSON b.1844 Barrie, ON d.1919)
Florence PARKER’s brother, George William PARKER lived near Nokomis too, as did her sister Isabella PARKER and her husband George SIMPSON (lived at Simpson, SK by 1919). She also had a brother, Albert PARKER who was in Regina in 1919, brother, Lambert PARKER who ran an electrical business in Calgary. I would be interested to hear from anybody researching these families.

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Posted by: Robert K Tyndall
My brothers:
Gerald Richard
John Clark
Twins: Mervin James & William Allen
Sisters: Patricia Kathleen, Mari-Ellen Anita
Father: John Blyth
Grand Father: James Clark
Grand father homesteaded at Nokomis, Sask. in 1905. Mean any thing to anyone. My sister-in-law is doing our tree, so any comments appreciated.

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Do you see any connection between your James McDougall and James McDougall b. 12/12/1872 in Nebraska? Wife Frances unknown, and Children Floyd, Earl, Glen, and Grace? James moved to Nokomis, Saskatchewan before 1905, d. 8/16/1950 and is buried in Nokomis Cemetery. Perhaps he went to Saskatchewan to join relatives there?

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I am seeking info on Elliotts in Saskatchewan between 1902-1935. First names include Herbert, Rolland Harold (Pat), Clayton and William Ernest. Any clues would be much appreciated. Lived in both Nokomis and Semens before leaving the provence. some to the U.S.

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To Leah Flagg
I note the name Cowper in your query. I am looking for Dr. James Alexander Cowper, his children James A. and Lillian. He may have been in the Nokomis area after 1907/8.
Thanks, Ethel

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George Constable COWPER, b. 1822 Scotland, m. Jessie Dalziel Jun. 14, 1853, Govan, Lanark, Scotland. Emigrated to Can. about 1867, lived Owen Sound, Grey Co., Ontario. Children (1871 Census): Mary A., Thomas Dalziel, Margaret and James Alexander. James died in Sask. aft. 1812, probably in Nokomis. Was my husband’s grandfather. Thomas was a lawyer in Welland, Ontario. Appreciate hearing from anyone from this family.

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Thank you to R. Isherwood for information re Nokomis website. The Mrs. L. Cowper listed in the cemetery listing is an incorrect entry. Her name should read Miss Lillian M. Cowper and she purchased the double cemetery plot in 1921. Lillian emigrated to the USA in 1921.
The death certificate for her father, Dr. James Alexander Cowper, states that he was buried Sept. 29, 1919 in Nokomis cemetery. Dr. Cowper practiced medicine in Nokomis from 1907 until his death there in 1919. A visit to the cemetery in June 2002 located the burial plot but no record of any burial there. Dr. Cowper is my husband’s grandfather and the kind folks of Nokomis were very generous in sharing the limited information they had. My research into this family continues.

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