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Nokomis History – School Districts

The “first” school in the Town of Nokomis was built in 1908 and located on the SE 26-29-22 W2.

Bannockburn S. D. No. 1983

Located 4 miles north of Nokomis, 3 miles west on the SW 16-30-22. Built in 1908 by Hunter-Cantelon Architecture.

Boulder Lake S. D. No. 2308

Located 8 miles north of Nokomis, 8 miles west and 1/2 a mile south on the SW 33-30-23 W2. Built by A.C. Edwards and son Leo in 1908. It closed in 1956.

Colt Lake S. D. No. 4421
Located 4 miles west of Nokomis on Highway #15. It was built in 1921 on the SE 25-29-23 W2.

Constance S. D. No. 1976
Located southwest of Nokomis, on the NE 10-28-23 W2. Built by George Bent, helped by Joe Snell. Classes opened on July 27, 1908. The school was closed in 1944, re-opened in 1955, and finally closed in 1962.

Cuthbert S. D. No. 1934
Named after Hugh Cuthbert. Located 9 miles south of Nokomis on the SW of 11-28-22 W2 (moved in 1950 to a site in Hatfield). Built in 1907 and 1908 by Oluf Sheflo for $ 350.00. It closed on Aug. 12, 1962 and students were bused to Nokomis.

Killarney S. D. No. 2474
Located 8 miles east of Nokomis on the NE 24-29-21 W2. It was built about 1912 and was in use until 1950.

Kutawagan S. D. No. 3913
Located 8 miles east and 7 miles north of Nokomis on the NE 25-30-21 W2. Built in 1917 at a cost of $ 1705.00, closed in 1948 when pupils were bused to Richfarms school. The first bus driver was Robert Carter Jr.

Nemaha S. D. No. 3528
Located 2 miles north of Nokomis, 7 miles west and 1 mile north on the NE 4-30-23 W2. Built in 1916 and 1917 by carpenters Brownlee & Frizelle of Nokomis. Plasterers were Greenfield and son Ernie, with chimney by Clark and son Albert.

Newlands S. D. No. 2103
Located 4 miles east of Nokomis and 1/2 a mile north. Built in 1908 on the SE 29-29-21 W2 by M. L. Cummings for $ 897.00. W. J. Adair built the barn for $ 150.00. The school closed in 1961.

Richfarms S. D. No. 1782
Located 4 miles north of Nokomis, 5 miles east and 1 & 1/2 miles north on the SE 21-30-21 W2. Built by Mac Cummings and Jack Meikle in 1908. It closed in 1957 when students were bused into Nokomis school.

Rowandville S. D. No. 3900
Located 4 miles north of Nokomis, 1 mile east and 1 mile north on the NE 14-30-22 W2. It was constructed by Waterman and Waterbury Co. for $ 1875.00 including school, barn and toilets. It closed in 1944.

Saline S. D. No. 1863
Located 6 miles west of Nokomis and 3 & 1/2 miles south on the SW 35-29-23 W2. It was built in 1908 by George A. Ewers for $ 1175.00 including the barn. It closed in 1955 when the children went to the Constance school.

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